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Gopeng 4x4 Off Road and White Water Rafting Adventure

Code WD11


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Malaysia 4x4 Off Road Adventure | Janda Baik 4x4 Off Road | Kuala Lumpur 4x4 Off Road

4x4 Off Road Adventure Team Building | 4x4 Off Road Adventure Treasure Hunt


Malaysia 4x4 Off Road Adventure Tour appeals to those who yearn to be different the the conventional city tour, those who want to see outside of Kuala Lumpur and surrounding with greenery and nature. This tour will brings one back to nature covering the layback lifestyle, village "kampung" living, fruit farm visit, tropical rainforest, rivers, waterfalls, with highlight of 4x4 Off Road brushing through the un-passable passage, swamp area, river crossing, rock climbing, and of course picnic and opportunity to swim in the river. Any risk ? We would say, yes and no but please bring your free thought, nature loving, be prepared to go back to nature.

Who should join in : Tourist, Nature Lover, 4x4 Off Road Enthusiast, Family Outing, Corporate Team Building




Malaysia’s rugged terrain, dense rain forests and numerous mountainous regions make it an irresistible destination for off road driving enthusiasts. Mud, heat, sloping hills and rainstorms add to the challenge in the grueling and exhilarating sport of off road adventure.

With 58 per cent of the country still under jungle cover, Malaysia’s terrain bring out the best of man and machine in a test of skill under ever changing conditions. Our experienced four wheel guides will let you experience the fun and excitement on our rough terrains in our rainforest. Get ready for a good time!


Tour Itinerary


Package Itinerary


Departure from Hotel with 4x4 (3pax)


Then direct 4x4 drive to the Rafting Site at Ulu Geruntum


You arrive at Razilla, Ulu Geruntum and get ready for White Water Rafting




After change of cloth, head back to off-road trail which will take you through logging road and around the Gua Tempurung 1-2hrs scenic off-road trail

head into the highway and shoot straight to your drop-off point in KL


Tour Rate


Gopeng 4x4 Off Road and White Water Rafting Adventure


: Gopeng, Perak

Tour Code

: WD11

Package Rate

: RM 477 Per Person (minimum 3 person)

Good and Service Tax

: Included GST 6%


Tour Included


Bag (zip lock)
Bottled drinking water
Picnic lunch 
Guides cum driver (Qualified first aider)
4WD transport 
Transport throughout the journey (to and from hotel)


Things to Bring of Your Own


Extra clothing to change
Medication (if necessary)- First aid kit is with Guide
Camera (optional)
Personal toiletries (environment friendly)




Casual t-shirts with long/short pants
Jungle trekking shoes/sandals/sport shoes
Extra pair of slipper/shoes (in case of emergency i.e. shoes worn out)


Enquiry Form !!

Booking Name


Mobile No


Email Address




Tour Code




Service Date



Number of People


/ (Minimum 3 Person for Adult)

Pick up Location










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Booking and Payment


Day Trip

: Booking has to be made at least 48hrs prior to departure

Overnight Trips

: Booking has to be made at least 12 days prior to departure

  Full payment to be made upon confirmation of booking


Genetal Information


Gopeng is a town located in Mukim Teja, District of Kampar, Perak, Malaysia. It is situated approximately 20 km south of Ipoh, the state capital. The town is located on the west side of the North-South Expressway stretch of Tapah-Simpang Pulai. The limestone hills and the Titiwangsa Mountains are clearly visible; the expressway penetrates between them and the view of the Tapah-Gopeng stretch is one of the most picturesque areas on the west side of Peninsular Malaysia. Due to its strategic location, locals are indeed very fortunate according to whom?] to have major towns approximately half an hour from Gopeng, Batu Gajah to the west, Ipoh to the north and Kampar at the south.

Gopeng is classified under the newly created District of Kampar, the 10th district of Perak. Previously Gopeng was inside the Kinta district. The two Mukims under District of Kampar are Mukim Kampar and Mukim Teja. According to the official website of PDT Kampar, the whole area of Gopeng, along with Teja and Kota Baharu are grouped together under Mukim Teja which is now administered by the Penghulu, Mr. Mohd Helmi Jamaludin.

Once this town was bustling with tin miners and locals who busied themselves with the great tin mining industry of Malaysia until the collapse of the tin empire in 1980s. According to locals, there were once French, British and local tin mining companies developing tin mine industry there. Among them was called the Osbourne & Chappel which opened its franchise here in one of Gopeng's rich tin mine. Both locals and immigrants worked there. People started to flee the town and seek better opportunities in neighboring towns and cities soon after the collapse of the 1980s.

However, the love towards the town has never been faded and now Gopeng already flourished with heritage, cuisine and eco-tourism attractions developed by the locals themselves. Gopeng is also well known for limestone caves such as Gua Tempurung, located approximately 5 km from the town centre.

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