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ATV Adventure Kemensah Ulu Klang

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Tour Infor and Rate


Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (close from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm on Friday)

Package B

1-1 1/2 hours offroad ride to 7-tiers Waterfall 
The favourite trail by all..... imagine being greeted by the view of a stunning waterfall, hardly exploited by man.

RM 106

Package C
1 1/2 - 2 hours offroad ride to Sofea Jane Waterfall 
A very enjoyable and ideal ride for nature lovers... At the end of the journey, take a dip in the cold water.

RM 159

Package D
2 - 2 1/2 hours offroad ride to Bukit Tabur / Dam 
Ride uphill and downhill to enjoy magnificient view of Kuala Lumpur and Kelang Gate Dam.

RM 212

Package E
3 - 4 hours offroad ride to Bukit Tabur / Dam / Sungai Liza / Dataran Mas / Bukit Lalang
This ultimate journey takes you on steep hills, rough terrains, river trail and bumpy muddy holes - requires self- confidence and teamwork.

RM 318

All Rate Included 6% GST


Rules & Regulation


  1. Only 16 years and above is permitted to ride the ATV

  2. Participants will be required to sign the Liability Release Form before riding

  3. Strictly no passengers on ATV. However, in unavoidable circumstances (case-to-case basis), rider will ride under the supervision of the experienced guides/instructors.

  4. Never ride the ATV under the influence of alcohols, drugs or other medication that impairs judgment or coordination's. Doing so can result in serious injury.

  5. No excessive speeds while riding.

  6. Always wear the helmets provided by the Operator during rides.

  7. Respect other riders and the environment.  You will be held responsible for damages to the ATV due to the rider’s carelessness and recklessness or violation of the rules and regulations.

  8. No riding in unapproved areas – designated areas and trails provided by the Operator only.

  9. The Operator reserve the right to withdraw, stop or refuse any rider who do not comply to the rules and regulations. In such circumstances, there shall be no refund for the hiring charges.


Booking and Reservation


  1. Please book at least one week in advance, especially during weekends and public holiday

  2. 50% deposit is required for confirmation of attendance

  3. Once booking is confirmed, we will give our account details via sms, email or phone call

  4. Be punctual for the ride. Turn up at least half an hour earlier for safety briefing and training

  5. Please make full payment before riding at the registration counter

  6. Last minute cancellation (24 hours) will result in deposit been for feited. Booking and Reservation


What to Wear


  • T-shirts or any comfortable and breathable clothing

  • Long pants, Jeans or Bermuda

  • Sports shoes or Sneakers. Slippers or Beach tong is not appropriate. No high for women.

  • What to Bring (Optional)

  • If you would like to take dip in the waterfall (for Package B & C), a new set of clothing and towl is highly recommended. Toilets with shower facilities available at the base.

  • Insect repellent, sun block, camera, light snack

Ride package inclusive of ATV vehicle, safety briefing, training, experienced guide and mineral water.




It was the perfect morning for a hike. Cool, cloudy, with no threat of rain and getting there was a breeze, 20 minutes of clear roads from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre to Zoo Negara. Even locating the trail head was easy with detailed directions provided.

Our target was to explore Kemensah Forest on East Tabur. At 9am, the trek began with a group of 25 heading up a wide pebbly path to a open area with Bukit Tabur in the background. We soon entered the jungle, going slowly up a narrow path that rose steeply.

After 10 minutes of dodging protruding branches, low overhangs and roots, we emerged from the cover of the trees and walked along a path flanked by 10ft-high green walls on both sides.

We continued on a gentle incline, reaching a clearing after 20 minutes, taking a five-minute break before heading up the slope, turning right into a packed-earth trail wide enough to walk two abreast.

At the fork, we detoured left to a high point, curious to see what was on top. Mid-way up, we had to scramble over a massive trunk that obstructed the path, reaching the rock outcrop some 10 minutes later.

At the vantage point, which was approximately 400m high, we were rewarded by a stunning, misty view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline on one side and the webbed-foot shaped portion of the Klang Gate Reservoir on the other.

We feasted and captured these beautiful vistas digitally, before backtracking down the lovely forest of huge trunks and gnarly roots. Back at the fork, we took a sharp right turn, going downhill for a change on sandy hard ground. We trekked comfortably this way, making good time, climbing to another peak with several huts, water tanks and rows of cultivated lemongrass.

A short five-minute walk down a sloping earth drain brought us to a grassy area with fruit trees while undulating rolling hills beackoned invitingly. We were at the outskirts of an orchard and, having walked for about two hours, we stopped for a group photo and a well-deserved break.

The onward march continued downhill along a sandy trail, which soon merged into a muddy path with dense undergrowth. Suddenly, we hit a small stream with a choice of wading through ankle deep water or taking a flying leap at the narrowest point between two banks. I opted for the latter, wetting the toe of my left shoe in the process.

Up next was a moderate climb that had our hearts pumping for 20 minutes. We met what seemed like an army of bikers going the opposite way, stopping several times to let each other pass at the tighter spots along the windy trail. After cresting the top, the landscape changed again as we entered bamboo territory. I always find the sight of bamboo very restful, and thoroughly enjoyed the next 20 minutes, despite having to navigate past suspended bamboo trunks and large puddles of muddy water a on the ground.

Leaving the bamboo forest behind, we were told to watch out for ATV enthusiasts as this stretch is accessible by 4WD and ATVs. True enough, we heard the ATVs long before seeing them. At least a dozen ATVs and riders were lined up, waiting patiently for us to clear the trail before thundering down the valley.

Finally, we were at the most strenuous part of the day's hike. The trudge up the twin ruts left by the ATVs was steep and seemed to go on forever. Though it was only eight minutes, I was winded and very glad to reach the top.

Homeward bound, the trail falttened out, widened and we made good time and soon looped back to the base of the lookout point. Then it was a trip down memory lane, as we retraced the way we came earlier. The way out took only 25 minutes compared to 45 minutes going in. We emerged and re0entered the road 200m from where we parked our cars.

It took about three-and-a-half hours to cover the 11km I would say Kemensah is very doable, an easy and comfortable walk along well-maintained paths with many scenic spots.

For me, there is potential for longer outings in the future and I am keen to explore more of the orchard when the fruits are in season. For a more challenging adventure, seven hours should be enough to get hikers to the waterfall and back. Next time, for sure!





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