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Drum Circle Play Shop


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A Drum Circle Playshop (DCP) is a group of people having fun creating simple rhythmic parts on a chorus of tuned drums, percussion and musical instruments to create a dynamic music experience. DCP for Teambuilding provides uplifting and energising activities that allow all employees to feel empowered while building team spirit.


We use rhythm to explore and inspire group empowerment, leadership and community building. DCP builds leadership skills using the drum circle as a model and the many metaphors within. Participants will learn how to lead a successful rhythm-based event regardless of music background or pervious experience.


The language of rhythm is a powerful one that transcends verbal communication. Participants will utilise skills requiring concentration, listening skills and communication leading towards enhanced camaraderie among all staff. Through drumming, employees interact in new ways that transcend titles, and as a successful drumming event is created, all barriers of social and economic status are removed.


The ultimate outcome of this memorable experience will lead to better relationships among participants while increasing confidence and building trust.


What to expect from our DCP event:

  • Achieving a common goal together regardless of job hierarchy, department, race, religion orcreed

  • Builds effective teams and empowers community

  • Promotes creativity and “can-do” mindset

  • Opens minds to new ideas

  • Promotes self-confidence by removing fear

  • Promotes the concept of “teaching-without-  teaching”

  • Facilitates communication – listening skills and   body language

  • Builds trust and confidence

  • Inspires community spirit and oneness towards a   common goal

  • Enhances wellness and health

  • Helps reduce stress and release negative energy







Day 1


Departure from KL


0730hrs - 0830hrs

Arrival at venue & Breakfast


0830hrs - 1030hrs

Morning Hand Exercise

Drum Cucle Playshop begins: Level 1 and 2


1030hrs - 1100hrs



1100hrs - 1230hrs

Passing Level 3 and all way to Orchestra level together


1230hrs – 1400hrs

Lunch and Siesta


1400hrs – 1530hrs

Top 3 Lessons (Team Activity): What have we learned from Drum Circle Playshop
(note: this is where teams need to relate lessons learned from Drum Circle to Company Vision, Mission, Core Values and Service Charter)


1530hrs – 1600hrs



1600hrs – 1700hrs

Presentation by Teams


1700hrs – 1930hrs

Siesta and Team preparation for Showtime


1930hrs – 2030hrs

Dinner and FREE n EZY


2030hrs – 2300hrs

Fun in Hotspring
Karaoke Contest (Optional) Free of Charge

Day 2

0730hrs – 0830hrs



0830hrs – 1030hrs

Performance Under Pressure (Part 1)


1030hrs – 1100hrs



1100hrs – 1230hrs

Performance Under Pressure (Part 2)


1230hrs – 1330hrs

Lunch and Siesta


1330hrs – 1500hrs

Performance Under Pressure (Part 3)


1500hrs – 1530hrs



1530hrs – 1730hrs

Departure to KL




Although people have been drumming around the globe for as long as humanity has existed to express themselves, communicate, celebrate, facilitate ceremony, and to have fun, modern research has proven that drumming has yet another advantage - improving mental and physical health. That’s right, drumming is actually healthy for you and for your highly stressed workforce!


Recent studies have shown that you increase your white blood cell count, strengthen your immune system, and reduce stress while drumming. A leader in this research is Remo®, who for over 50 years has produced award winning drums and percussion instruments. Results of their extensive research has shown that through group drumming:

  • Participants discover an inner strength and become empowered to move beyond their perceived boundaries and limitations;

  • The immune system is strengthened by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell activity (Bittman, Alternative Therapies, 2001), reversing multiple components of the human stress response on the genomic level, as well as 19 genetic switches that turn on the stress response believed responsible in the development of common diseases. (Bittman, Medical Science Monitor, 2005);

  • A subsequent study done by the same researcher showed that group drumming was able to dramatically reduce employee burnout, and subsequent turnover, among workers. Drumming initiatives are extremely cost effective and have the potential to save millions of dollars related to employee turnover.

  • Based on his book, The Healing Power of the Drum), Robert Lawrence Friedman, MA, talks about how drumming is used in treating at-risk adolescents, stressed-out employees, Vietnam veterans, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

Many times , organisations fail to achieve their Vision, Mission and expected business culture because employees are not well, and thus are not performing at their peak level. By focusing on employee wellness, with special emphasis on emotional wellness, your employees will be able to manage their emotional issues and stress levels better, which usually hinder their performance. Therefore, the organisation’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Service Charter will have a greater success potential for implementation when employees are well.


What to expect from our Performance Under Pressure (PUP) programme:

  • Set into motion the creation of a healthier, emotionally renewed and well-balanced productive workforce

  • Promote the understanding of stress management and anger management

  • Builds effective teams and empowers community

  • Enables employees to perform according to company’s culture without hindrances

  • Promotes creativity and “can-do” mindset

  • Opens minds to new ideas

  • Promotes self-confidence by removing fear

  • Promotes the concept of “teaching-without-teaching”

  • Facilitates communication – listening skills and body language

  • Builds trust and confidence Inspires community spirit and oneness towards a common goal


Day 2 0830hrs - 1230hrs

Managing Toxic & Deadly Emotions

Destructive emotions have toxic effects on the body and result in a wide range of serious illnesses – hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and even some types of cancer. Destructive emotions can be in the form of anger, hostility, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-hatred, anxiety and repressed anger.  If left unchecked, these destructive emotions will rob us of our physical health, our finances, our career and finally, even our lives. Destructive emotions will definitely affect the performance of employees and ultimately the organisation.

  • Understanding the Holistic Wellness concept and the K.A.B Model to enhance wellness

  • Understanding Damaging and Destructive Emotions affecting Behavior and Physical

  • Defining Stress: Good Stress vs Bad Stress

  • Knowing more about Stress Hormones

    (Epinephrine, Nor epinephrine and Cortical) and how it will affect health and wellness if unmanaged properly

  • Managing stress in the yourself and the workplace

    • Stressors vs Stress Response

    • Potential benefits of stress in the   workplace

    • Performance under Pressure   (PUP)

    • Clarify your relationship with stress and its root causes

    • Know your stressors

    • Learn the STRESS FREE Recipe ®

Day 2 1400hrs - 1530hrs

Managing Anger in the Workplace

Do you work with angry people? Do you know why they are angry? Do you know how to deal with them?


The workplace is an environment likely to provoke feelings of anger and the consequences of poorly managed anger in the workplace can range from increased staff turnover, lowering of staff morale and reduced  productivity, to property damage and physical injury or worse. At the same time, if managed effectively, anger can be a positive and productive emotion producing valuable data, as well as considerable motivation. 

  • Understanding anger as one of the most dangerous negative emotion

  • Understanding the process that leads to the “amygdala hijack”

    Dealing with your OWN anger

    Dealing with the angry individual

  • Using the 6 Seconds Concept to manage anger

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